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News: July 2002

USA Hockey Publishes Review of Annual Congress from Officiating Perspective

Over in The USA Hockey Officiating Zone, Matt Leaf reviews what happened at the Annual Congress that affects the Officiating Program. Much of his article talks about an on-line registration and testing initiative that is being pushed by the District Referees-in-Chief. They are hoping to have a national registration process in place for the 2003-2004 season.

There is also some information about a deadline change for rule change proposals, a slight increase in the national registration fee...

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Administration Section of AAHArefs Needs to be Repopulated

Dave Aiello wrote, "As you know, the AAHA rolled out a new Seminar Registration application yesterday. With it came an entirely new web publishing system and a revised web site structure. The information that you used to find in the Administration section of the web site is not lost, but I have to put it back on to the site now that we have made all of the changes. I hope to get some of that done sometime next week."

"For those of you looking for access to the member database, please be patient. It will take a while for us to provide that access again, due to the archite...

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